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• 7 years — Dress up like clowns (Rob liquor stores)
• 24 years — The next D&D session (D&D)

File: 1397417044717.jpg (41.51 KB, 554x855, 1397270841617.jpg)

No. 193265 [Reply]

What are the top fighting games?

What games do you play everyday twice?
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Top fighting games now? Not really sure as I stopped playing them a long time ago. Used to play King of Fighters, but that was through emulation.

>What games do you play everyday twice?

Just Europa Universalis IV


Arm Joe


What do you mean by "top"?

Nobody really defines a "best" fighting game unless they're dog shit at fighting games.


Tobal 2.

The rest simply does not exist. Period.


name one good community

File: 1397721638290.jpg (418.44 KB, 1920x1080, ss_2e7d25622a02895004414cadc8a…)

No. 193323 [Reply]

Anyone got it? Dynd hosts a server during the day time and has built a pretty large ship, it's fun to go space exploring and shit. Right now the ship is grounded on some asteroid for some maintainence work.
New patch coming out today too

File: 1397107028418.jpg (1.46 MB, 1366x768, WoWScrnShot_041014_150917.jpg)

No. 193197 [Reply]

Anyone else hype as fuck for WoD?
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File: 1397689508989.jpg (123.19 KB, 798x600, Warren T. Hinson.jpg)

>Still playing WoW

Shoulda quit during Wrath like all the normal people.


File: 1397709118678.jpg (38.89 KB, 500x670, 1397376169100.jpg)

>playing WoW beyond a few hours
it's like you were destined to be a faggot or something


File: 1397709119381.jpg (38.89 KB, 500x670, 1397376169100.jpg)

>playing WoW beyond a few hours
it's like you were destined to be a faggot or something


File: 1397716316278.jpg (71.71 KB, 568x521, jew get out.jpg)

>not investing years of your time to be the best
One of the reasons I quit was because outside of achievement farming nothing set me apart from the people who wouldn't've gotten to 40 in classic because they only played 3 hours a week.


nothing ever set you apart you mindless fuck
it was always just rummaging for garbage

File: 1394025664379.png (487.93 KB, 434x676, meinkraft.png)

No. 192483 [Reply]

Living the nomad life-edition

Old thread (broken) >>>/v/191639

Recently active team members include: Argon_Bolt, Demas, Dynd (Salom16, IcePeak), Feelings, Jaaperd, MurderousLlama and TheSower. Post your nickname in the thread if you want to join, so you don't get killed on sight.
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This has been a joke among the brony communities since that show started.


File: 1397684058975.png (619.34 KB, 1280x1024, 2014-04-16_22.31.32.png)

> yfw you realise Arneeh copied shit like this to the new server


You can change your MC ingame name you say?


File: 1397685932899.png (44.01 KB, 560x870, 1366558362001.png)

He's our puppet


So many cows. Heh

File: 1397678974984.png (338.69 KB, 854x480, 2014-04-15_00.00.05.png)

No. 193301 [Reply]

I started a new survival game on Minecraft this time using the Life in the Woods modpack with their recommendation for shaders.

I got the hungry version for a little bit of challenge and it is literally hard to play without constantly starving yourself. I might just remove that mod as I got this pack because I just want to relax and not having to worry about my troubles. If I wanted challenge, I should have looked to the more technology mods/packs.

Anyway, here is my starter home, very very basic, but I needed somewhere to settled down without having to lose all of my shit due to starvation. Yes, there is a bed there too which I stole from the Jews in a village at spawn.

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That looks really cozy actually, not too in your face but still nice.

Does it affect performance?


File: 1397688234550.jpg (21.84 KB, 213x117, roosevelt wtf.jpg)

Who are you and how did you find 4chon?


File: 1397690063309.png (132.05 KB, 854x480, 2014-04-16_14.57.12.png)

Notice anything different about my hut? Hint: It's the display case and what's inside of it.


Someone who has been here for quite sometime. You probably do not recognize me because I usually post as anon. Figured I'd post with my name and tripcode this one time as I re-posted these pics on a couple of other boards I go to.


What affects performance? The shaders? There is some lag (for me) whenever it generates new land, but not on loaded chunks.

File: 1396068074363.gif (1016.46 KB, 500x270, 444544.gif)

No. 193029 [Reply]

So is anyone else going to be playing The Elder Scrolls Online? Early access for people who bought CE starts in 2 days.

I bought the CE myself and I have something called a 'Ring of Mara' which you give to someone else and allows you to double your exp when you play with them. I don't want to argue about how awful the game and devs are, I know this already, I'm just asking to see if there's on 4chon who by chance will be playing themselves.
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File: 1397175162268.png (88.75 KB, 464x332, thin mad bro.png)

shutup nerd


Are there any f2p mmorpgs where you can play as a norse viking


Heaven and Hearth


File: 1397512346176.png (509.29 KB, 408x531, Ancelm.png)



What a handsome badass guy. Would let impregnate me with his BWC if I were female/10

File: 1396983804361.png (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, game-over-c51-t1246.png)

No. 193177 [Reply]

Let's have a community thing while it's still possible. The last short game did well, but due to inexperience and rushing things we ended up with AFK players and lots of AI's.

What is this game?

The game is real-time but played over several weeks. You can Iog in at any time of the day to check the progress of your ships, view the results of battles, and issue new orders. Perfect for conflicting time-zones and work/school.

Each Star you control will automatically build new ships, raise money for upgrades, and research new technologies.

Your job is to negotiate with the other players, dispatch ships to capture new stars, and choose where and how to upgrade your existing stars and technology. Expanding your empire.

No meta-alliances and roleplaying is encouraged. No need to install anything, game is fully HTML5 coded! We are starting at 22:00 GMT today, which is 2 hours from this post.

http://triton.ironhelmet.com/game/5723894635823104 (pass is 4chon)

12/16 slots filled
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File: 1397483164299.png (430.29 KB, 631x711, Untitled.png)

Nice try, Ale the V


Giraf pls you are not even playing


yfw sanic was never a real person


little bitch


File: 1397651204937.png (61.39 KB, 1000x920, Wario being borned.png)


File: 1393954719272.jpg (2.9 MB, 2000x2856, 1393717348547.jpg)

No. 192447 [Reply]

Old thread (broken) >>>/v/192145


4chon steam chat


Multiplayer talk also goes here.
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File: 1397147263357.jpg (393.03 KB, 1360x768, 2014-04-10_00001.jpg)

>playing Veritas et Fortitudo mod
>slowly blobbing despite the increasing difficulty due to alliances everywhere and Two Scilies forming from Naples
>decide to zoom out and check Byzantium (they were sort of large)
>notice Bulgaria blob

That little province next to Athens is all that's left of Byznatium :(


File: 1397573544550.jpg (688.61 KB, 1926x1354, Diary 4 - doctrin tree.jpg)


File: 1397581904974.jpg (344.01 KB, 1157x726, Screen2.jpg)

It's so casualized it's pretty much a mobile game now


Actually they're going back to a HoI2 style for doctrines.


I think it looks fine. The HOI3 doctrine system was a fucking mess.

File: 1397344866680.jpg (494.57 KB, 1366x768, cobaltCity1366x768.jpg)

No. 193252 [Reply]

Now I've had my eye on this game for sometime now and finally decided to just migrate my Minecraft account to a Mojang one to purchase it while it's still cheap in development. Luckily for me, they're giving this game the Minecraft treatment in that if you purchase during alpha phase for around 13 US dollars you'll get the beta and the final version of the game.

I have to say from what little I've played of it. This is actually a pretty fun little game. You can tell it's going to have multiplayer functionality later on down the road with game modes such as deathmatch and team deathmatch (right now you fight against bots, literally too). The future definitely looks bright for this game should Mojang pull through. I cannot play a lot of it right now as I have homework to do, but I look forward to playing it in the future.

But has anyone tried Scrolls and if so, is it good?
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File: 1397464035862.jpg (23.62 KB, 419x499, 1302198209749808.jpg)

Nobody cares.


Whatever you'd call the audience for low level group construction simulation

And I call it a market because other games are now after the same group, or trying to find a segment of it.


Except Minecraft has a wide audience now and not a specific niche one. Adults and children now play the game.


you are the most facetious retard on this board


File: 1397587433336.jpg (369.39 KB, 768x1024, butthurt aftershafe.jpg)

File: 1396709488721.jpg (28.26 KB, 530x350, xpowered.by.gamespy.logo.02241…)

No. 193113 [Reply]

>GameSpy Technologies is shuttering its online matchmaking service on May 31, ending online play for more than 1,000 games that use the company's middleware.

>Launched as a Quake server search program in 1996, GameSpy soon branched out to host online play for hundreds of console and PC games. Many recent games with active online communities still employ GameSpy technology, including multiple titles published by Activision, Electronic Arts, Capcom, Sega, and Nintendo. Affected games will need to migrate online play to SteamWorks or other services prior to the shutdown in order to maintain multiplayer functionality.

>The service shutdown comes in the wake of GameSpy ceasing editorial content in 2013. Mobile games publisher Glu Mobile purchased GameSpy Technologies in 2012, later shutting down online play for several popular games without notice when developers failed to pay hosting bills.


Welp. I had a feeling this would happen eventually. Luckily there's those LAN emulating programs like Gameranger now.
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lol ikr
I lold at how the option isn't even "no" it's
>Install gamespy arcade later

suuure I will


Oh wow. I had forgot about that. Nearly every single disc based game used Gamespy.


File: 1397454399975.gif (982.73 KB, 285x285, whaaaat.gif)

>still giving a shit about LAN


File: 1397460837858.jpg (305.04 KB, 780x677, 1395564600695.jpg)

LAN has and always will be a gay man's rendition of local co-op


It's useful if you like to pirate games.

At least with LAN you can't stare at your opponents box and know where they are. I used to always do that in Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.

File: 1395365052991.jpeg (143.65 KB, 1920x1080, 012555216_prevstill.jpeg)

No. 192891 [Reply]

Dream vidya thread?

Mine would be simple, just a motorcycle/driving simulator.
It could go as far as racing to just cruising with some bros in the country. I would have it try and simulate what riding a motorcycle/driving a car is like (ie having all controls work, proper throttle control, high side and low side from braking too hard etc) with each bike having a different feel depending on style, weight, foot placement etc

Also I'd want multiplayer where you could just meet some people and ride/drive with each other, race, general chill.

Also there could be different made scenarios that could be played out and made by the community, whether single player or multi.

Pic related, what I would want it too look like.
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Ah yeah sorry, I misread.


I can't pass my car driving test. If I buy a driving simulator game will it make me a better driver?


I don't think so, but it might help with confidence. You would also need a stearing wheel too
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Grv4Zb6zoSg (City Car Driving; Lexus GS 350 business trip w/ commentary & track IR & crashes (pc car driving sim))


File: 1397111915689.jpg (49.86 KB, 934x960, artdink-aquanauts_holiday.jpg)

something I wrote on 4chan as a response to this greentext in a thread on the new Alien game that immediately 404d after posting, but I think my game's a good idea worth salvaging so I'm dumping it here

>Somewhat smart; able to learn to open doors and shit, but not able to operate machinery. Kinda like the Queen from Aliens.

>Alt alien costumes AFTER beating the game. Predalien, Grid, and so on.
>VERY limited hiding places. You're on a ship in space, not a warehouse of closets.
>Cinematic lighting with no color filters. Dark should be dark, light should be light.
>VERY little music. If anything, music ONLY in long corridors where the Alien is chasing you
>Dead Silence. Ambiance is nice, but it should not be loud or incredibly noticeable, unless it's like an alarm clock or something.
>Cheap Jump Scares that make sense. Broom falling over and making a noise out of nowhere for example.
>Piling up corpses. IF there are other humans, they should not despawn when killed. "I'm sorry we couldn't save you" kind of feeling.
>Stuff to throw. You aren't killing the alien, you're buying time.
>No guns. Ever. MAYBE a flare, but that's pushing it.
>Alien navigates the ship. Upcoming game has this and I want it now.
>Alien gives you ONE grace period. Slaps you around first time it catches you, and gives you one last chance. If it catches you again at any time before you beat the game, you die.
>Headbite death that cuts to black as it bites from the alien's perspective.
>Alien doesn't flinch for long if hit. "ow, fuck you"
>No loading screens, all one big pre-loaded map.
>Procedural texture/model loading.
This is all I want. I know that Isolation won't have it all, but it looks close.

responding to this:
Your game doesn't make sense unless by procedural models you mean procedural levels. The idea of perma-death is nice in concept, but the decision has huge, fundamental effects on the gameplay. Atm, your game is lopsided, all the ideas arePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Alt alien costumes AFTER beating the game. Predalien, Grid, and so on.
>Headbite death that cuts to black as it bites from the alien's perspective.
>And NG+ could then spawn two aliens, maybe increased rate of asteroids smashing the ship, etc.
well, you tried

The problem with applying the roguelike RNG level model, in combination with significant difficulty (that presumably pushes the player to replay numerous times to defeat the game) is that the levels are clumps. Any attempt at horror elements would be diminished by the second or third time you experience the layout, which could only be substantially mitigated by either, or both of two things:
1. The number of possible layouts is obscene, to the point that finding the same layout would be difficult within the scope of a player beginning and defeating the game, over all expected attempts
2. The layouts are open-ended enough and the AI intelligent enough that experiencing a relatively similar outcome throughout the expected number of attempts would be difficult

The first option is particularly difficult to implement, not simply due to quantity but also the necessity of quality in design for a horror work to fully function. Rougelikes might get away with small layouts within large ones as part of their RNG design, but they do so on the basis of two aspects. The level layout itself is largely unimportant, and many of the enemies are largely ignorable in most situations. Thus they can safely rely on high RNG in those aspects. For the most part, it's not terribly important. In the proposed title, both aspects are not true. The layout is effectively the entirety of the game, and the enemy creature consists of a total of one.

If one were to look at chases in film, it becomes clear that it isn't the monster itself that is important but the environment in which both the protagonists and antagonists reside. Relying on procedural generation would be extremely difficult to maintain strong design for the setting. The protagonist is typically at greater odds with the setting than he is with the enemy, despite the latter instigating the conflict.

There is a reason games that do emphasize RNG level layouts almost entirely leave the system as a backdrop.

Like film, it would make much more sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1395110303239.png (693.42 KB, 1920x1080, scr00064.png)

No. 192827 [Reply]

New version of Space Engine
a universe simulator
to change your screenshots to .png, go to main.cfg in the config folder and change "jpg" to "png"
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File: 1395200191320.png (949.23 KB, 1920x1080, scr00139.png)

looks like a shadow


File: 1395200227021.png (598.14 KB, 1920x1080, scr00145.png)

the shadowsphere


File: 1395200252417.png (2.42 MB, 1920x1080, scr00142.png)



File: 1395200859545.jpg (53.13 KB, 600x450, cat_hiding.jpg)

It's like a giant thumb print.


File: 1397365532709.png (836.73 KB, 1920x1080, scr00019.png)

i'm back baby
this planet looks to be the planet of pinko commie faggots

File: 1397313195688.jpg (484.31 KB, 1280x714, Star-Citizen-01.jpg)

No. 193241 [Reply]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xyd7AV3_A8 (Star Citizen Pax East 2014 Live - All of Actual Ingame Scenes)

Footage is from Pax East.


42 million dollars later and years of development = pretty models and 0 actual gameplay that's not set-up

>"But it looks good, look at all the pretty models and blur effects! I'm sure they will add everything promised this time! It's an alpha! I don't care for pay 2 win anymore because it would give me buyers remorse!"

Fans (Read: Backers) of Stars Citizen are in so much denial. Also those physics, lol.

Cough, http://store.steampowered.com/app/244850/


File: 1397336916067.gif (69.82 KB, 633x758, alienf.gif)


I remember playing the first X as a kid and thinking the graphics were gr8

I feel so old now


File: 1397364411546.png (120.94 KB, 1000x1000, 1390264582966.png)

>Star Shitizen will never come out for consoles!
>9 months later
>We're really excited to be releasing Star Shitizen for consoles!

File: 1397146292059.jpg (5.84 KB, 250x177, 1397145443563s.jpg)

No. 193205 [Reply]

Sony is making a zombie MMO.

It's called H1Z1 and it's coming to PC via Steam Early Access in 4 to 6 weeks.
>Humanity has been reduced to hiding in the shadows, searching desperately for food and water and anything that can help to survive even for another day."


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lneZYriSbG4 (H1Z1 Gameplay - Zombie Apocalypse MMO)


Looking pretty much like DayZ and Rust. Pretty annoying how they decided to record the gameplay on a video camera instead of a direct capture.


zombies are so two thousand & l8


File: 1397361289793.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, DayZ 2014-04-08 00-17-46-67.pn…)

Rather just play DayZ

File: 1397111740378.jpg (841.88 KB, 1000x1990, 1396126372034.jpg)

No. 193199 [Reply]

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mirror's edge was near the start of gen 7 wasn't it
should be on the list
fuck my timeline is all messed up


all of thess games are shit and anyone who likes them is shit


It was near the start, but this list is of console exclusive games and it implies that people will emulate them on PC.

Those Wii games should be working now and PS3 emulation is starting to take off (some games start, but it's very slow). I don't think Xbox 360 emulation has started.


Already on PC




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