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File: 1397783625676.jpg (146.62 KB, 580x414, alien9 will that fucking cat e…)


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Is it still possible to be an adventurer in this day and age?
Not like roving around slaying dragons and overthrowing kingdoms, because that shit never happened outside of a D&D campaign.

But, like, would it be possible to just up and leave home with some survival gear, some urban utility items, a small wad of starting cash, a vehicle and just go do shit? Did people ever really do this? Would it be shit worth doing? Would there even be shit to do other than eat poisonous mushrooms and die in the snow? Are there even any adventures to be had?

Would it be feasible to just wander the back roads, amassing trinkets and connections, doing little things for money when you stop in town? Like a bike tour, except you don't stop until you really starve/get shot by police/cut a deal with a dragon.
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>But boats are fucking expensive for no good reason.

We don't need all kinds of plebs clogging the waterways. It's bad enough every other faggot debt slave goes out and buys an SUV to wave his dick around town.


File: 1397866243693.jpg (101.6 KB, 646x665, 1397865990369.jpg)

you sound like a negative nerd.
so, my guess is that even if you were given the opoortunity to live the adventures narrated by your fantasy books and games, you'd find a way to turn it down

if your suggestion for irl adventure is killing cops you are more fucked up than you think

>An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. It may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome.[1] Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as skydiving, mountain climbing, river rafting or participating in extreme sports. The term also broadly refers to any enterprise that is potentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological risk, such as a business venture, a love affair, or other major life undertakings.

i am not looking forward to your response in which you claim all the activities mentioned there are shit


I once considered trying to find a bunch of stuff to build a rickety raft to have beers on and explore the river, but that shit is expensive.

But hey, maybe that's my adventure idea right there! There's lots of little undeveloped islands around; maybe I can go explore them and squat on one with some rickety trash sailboat.

It's hyperbole, but genuinely, there doesn't seem to be much to do, at least not without massive investment for no return other than the #YOLOs.


File: 1397869985018.jpg (207.01 KB, 570x855, eg hunt.jpg)

>But hey, maybe that's my adventure idea right there! There's lots of little undeveloped islands around; maybe I can go explore them and squat on one with some rickety trash sailboat.

I would suggest a kayak, perhaps a two-seater if you have an adventuring sidekick. Should be enough space on board for a tent and camping gear if you pack light.


Call me naive, but couldn't one person's camping stuff… fit on their person?
>mess kit
>firestarting item
>blanket/sleeping bag
>clothes (worn on person)
>food or hunting rifle/bow/sling/laser/plasma beam/etc
Am I missing something?

File: 1397889261145.png (221.5 KB, 856x847, 1343085885290.png)

No. 1231213 [Reply]

>tfw would rather be homeless than go home
Im chillin in a staircase, waaaayyyy happier than I would be had I gone home. I sometimes cry openly on my way in. Even when I had a job, I did this once or twice.

What use is a home? Is a home supposed to be good? I've slept outdoors, I've eaten out of a trash can. What use is a home?

Am I that broken a piece of shit? please respond


in your house do you live on your own, or with parents and family?


File: 1397890435674.png (10.24 KB, 300x300, e9255a208a0e0eaa32afda7ce76603…)

Oh, with family of course!
Not my dad or sister, though. My sister lives in a separate place, but under my mum's thumb financially. My dad has since fled and even has a restraining order on mommy, but still comes by to "sort things out". Part fiscally, but still part emotionally. I don't see why he does the later, though. I'm just there because I have no job, and the job I did have didn't pay enough to flee.

That's why I joined the reserves! Or at least, I started the process. I've done my fitness test and gave some character witnesses, but there's still more to do.

I'm having fun talking about this. Not like at home at all. At home, I feel anxiety and fear. This is fun, though.
No sarcasm.
I feel genuinely better like this.


i'm glad you're feeling better talking about this - sometimes we need to step away from our circumstances in order to see them more clearly

…and speaking as someone very far away from your circumstances, when i read this i thought it was a very telling part of your story
> even has a restraining order on mommy

i remember when i was a kid i would go to the library immediately after school, rather than go home - and stay there until closing time around 8 o'clock at night

that was because i couldn't stand being at home either, because i had a parent who was hectic

so i want to ask you, do you really think you're a broken person because you'd rather stay away from someone in your life who is unhealthy - or are you being smart and doing the best you can in a bad situation?

File: 1397680685344.png (887.98 KB, 1366x768, gggggggg.png)

No. 1230825 [Reply]

Post your desktop, no cleaning up


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File: 1397838134483.png (514.25 KB, 1366x768, screenFetch-2014-04-18_09-17-0…)

green and stuff.
like a tasty asparagus on a hot summer day.



yup it's mint with cinnamon.


File: 1397851419540.png (3.07 MB, 1615x959, 3 homescreens.png)

Am I a plebeian for liking one of the stock backgrounds?


this is my favourite
that looks sexy


why did I think his game was called Platform Masters?

File: 1397851987634.png (1.22 MB, 979x605, horsetube.png)

No. 1231128 [Reply]

Why do you suppose zoophilia exists? Is there some sort of obscure evolutionary purpose behind it? Is it to be treated as a diagnosis?
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File: 1397875457013.jpg (28.14 KB, 291x400, 1238390909529.jpg)

t-that makes too much sense

but i dont think most dudes would.

If all men are horny, then fuck all men are lazy too. I would think it's a hella lot easier to whip out ya dick and stream some HQ porn of infinite boner inducing whores, than find an animal and fuck it. Shit i know i prefer porn to girls <5/10.

Maybe girls do, because cumming is harder for them.


File: 1397876941704.jpg (93.46 KB, 640x480, 1397852477684.jpg)

zoophilia exists because people get super horny

why they don't fap instead? i don't know
maybe they are more primitive… or maybe they are trying to create a new animal or some shit

i bet your house is full of oeanut butter jars

>pic unrelated


File: 1397879166014.png (175.73 KB, 351x388, 1s6pjwow.wizardchan.1396909338…)

>I would think it's a hella lot easier to whip out ya dick and stream some HQ porn of infinite boner inducing whores, than find an animal and fuck i

For your average person yes it would be easier, however for someone who lives around animals it's just as easy for them to walk out into the barn. Probably feels a shitload better than fapping too.


>Shit i know i prefer porn to girls

Wizard detected.


File: 1397888864071.png (69.01 KB, 395x578, 1397881728658.png)

is nothing sacred to germanics?

File: 1397887837392.png (209.41 KB, 1280x1024, my life.png)

No. 1231211 [Reply]

Has /r9k/ ever done anything like this?

I did this about a year ago, but I ended up keeping a good record for a little over eight weeks. I kept track of whenever I did an activity that was productive or unproductive (along with what I ate, what I masturbated to, what classes I spent time studying for, etc.).

File: 1397878379733.jpg (39.54 KB, 460x500, 1595201-oh_look_its_this_threa…)

No. 1231197 [Reply]

>mfw i see an interracial couple


saged, reported, h[dden


File: 1397883151489.jpg (72.33 KB, 392x305, bvbfs.jpg)

>live in a predominantly white area
>saw a nigger today


all pairings, or just white/nigger?


blonde girl with some octaroon

File: 1397885909432.jpg (10.12 KB, 239x255, 2kXy0ER.jpg)

No. 1231208 [Reply]

>you will never be this guy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOilnrGrKsY (11x11x11 Cube Solving (1h:6m:29s.64ss))


File: 1397886689822.jpg (42.06 KB, 500x500, tumblr_li6q8cuOjt1qaux5ho1_500…)

I can solve a 3x3 in a minute and 48 seconds. that's my record anyway.

File: 1397769682268.jpg (19.58 KB, 292x219, job-interviewer.jpg)

No. 1230987 [Reply]

>Looking for summer job
>applied to half a dozen places so far, no call backs
>Just called a place asking if they were hiring
>Immediate "No." and hangup

What the fuck? I didn't realize it was so hard to get work. I had a job for four years, and moved cities to go to university, and now I'm finding no one will give me the time of day.

How'd you anons find jobs?
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They didn't even check to verify?!

What would happen to you if you ever got caught for faking it?

I'm considering doing what you're doing but it's not for such a high paying job, just a supermarket.



So youre a fraud? I dont beleive this at all unless you got hired to be an engineer's ssecretary.


>high school
>guy in one of my classes occasionally brags about making $15/hour working for his dad's company (car repair shop)
>after months of hearing him brag (it's not like he brought it up every day but maybe once a week) i asked if he could get me a job
>"lol no"
>fuck you
>google "[his last name] car repair", it's the first result and that's literally the name of the place
>find the address and drive there
>walk up to front counter and say "hello, may i speak to the owner?"
>"i'm the owner, how can i help you?"
>"oh hi my name's so and so and i'm friends with such and such and he told me to inquire about getting a job with you"
>he stands up, says "follow me" and walks me into back office and immediately sits me down for an interview
>be totally honest, tell him i'm a computer guy but i'd be willing to learn about cars
>he asks me if i'm familiar with excel and i say yes
>"okay, how about this? you can be our front desk guy, enter invoices, order parts, etc, i'll train you for a couple weeks and start you out at… $12/hour"
>"oh my god thank you so much this is such an opportunity i never expected this"
>three years later, i'm the manager making triple what i started at
>we just bought a new building two months ago across the city
and that's how i got my job. on a related note, it turns out the kid didn't even work there. lel


by "new building" i mean second building. we're expanding, not relocating


File: 1397883791571.jpg (52.44 KB, 632x449, tumblr_m2wp9fd6Bv1qg3j6jo1_128…)

that's pretty fuckin neat man. How much do you know about cars now?

File: 1397872101193.png (136.79 KB, 627x569, celebrate diversity.png)

No. 1231177 [Reply]

I dunno if you guys are into omegle but here's a funny chat I just had.


File: 1397874350380.jpg (195.52 KB, 600x778, GA331_7.jpg)

Das some good redpill there, OP.


Yes. She was not as obtuse as most feminists I talked to on that website and it was like the second chat I had with her since there's like 3 people at a time on that tag.
I love how naive she was on Somalia.


I read most of that. I'm so autistic.


Was it not enjoyable? Sorry for stealing your life.

File: 1397856187847.jpg (357.53 KB, 495x373, 352q6gm.jpg)

No. 1231135 [Reply]

Is there anything we can experience that was similar to how it was when we were in our mothers wombs? Whats the closest thing?

I wish I could remember what it was like, I bet it was an amazing feel. Im guessing the closest thing is a great sleep or DMT


I don't get that pic


Turn off all the lights and take a warm shower in the dark. Maybe light a candle outside the shower curtain.


Swimming pools.
You can't remember that tho, since memories only stick after 2 years.
2 years old kids form memories that stick for a month and so on, but those don't stick in adulthood.
So you can abuse kids in that age and they won't remember.
Neat, uh?


File: 1397879884877.png (11.7 KB, 201x171, 1397879534000.png)

fisting your mom's poon with your head

File: 1397873965706.jpg (14.66 KB, 300x300, 2dd.jpg)

No. 1231183 [Reply]

>the way the cheeks of a good female ass alternately shift up and down as she walks


Hail Satan


hail hail


i want to start a porn site where all you do is watch videos of girls walking from behind. no sex, just walking.

File: 1397832862402.jpg (248.72 KB, 650x430, haim-2013-650-430a.jpg)

No. 1231096 [Reply]

>not listening to three nice chicks doing some fine music while programming
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw3vuPOh8RU (Haim - Reading + Leeds Festival 2013 Set)
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She's into you bud


Just smooch her next time

Don't wait for the right moment either - as soon as you start kissing her just grab her ass real tight and squeeze and smooch supper hard and it'll be like venus and uranus makin mars bebes



Yeah thanks man, I'm really happy it went well.

The problem is though, I don't have a couch in my room. It's just one arm chair and either a bean bag or an office chair. If we'd sit on the same couch I probably would've already made out with her, but since you always sit on different chairs there's absolutely nothing physical happening while we're watching a movie, so that kinda sucks. Maybe next time I can get her to sit on the bed with me, that would work.

Or, if spring finally decides to show up, we can go outside and sit on a bench, that's always good too.


File: 1397862171429.png (688.67 KB, 1017x564, LeVito face.PNG)

Jack shit, and doing it on my own. Like every other weekend I'll be alive for.


File: 1397875200710.jpg (94.02 KB, 1000x1000, bakedejews.jpg)

I fucking hate haim.

>doing some tie-dying/painting

>family stuff after
>going to a 4/20 party
>bought an o between me and smoking buddy
>girl i've been hooking up with is coming too
>got my replica SS uniform dry cleaned too
>seeing The Grand B-Pest Hotel on monday

> I won an eating contest,
cool man, was it a dick eating comp?

alright, take this constructively, but what the fuck man?

If you don't escalate physically you will look like a pussy, and she will lose interest. Next im you need to make an obvious physical move.
Getting rejected, is better than not doing anything. you know you tried, she knows you want it, it's attractive, and you're not getting into the friendzone

You should make it a point to go for a kiss and escalate as much as you can next time. She's hella into you, but does she know you like her?

put all your shit on ya chairs, like books, laptop whatever put on your chair and she will be forced to sit on your bed.

but we're alone together anon


Was thinking tonight about going to see a band that I used to play in perform, but I didn't.
I'm finishing Dracula up and doing whatever instead.
I'm also trying not to worry about my interactions with other human beings and whether the things I do at least partially resemble the "right" thing to do.
Tomorrow, I might start a new book, I guess.
Maybe read some news. I've sorta been following the thing going on in Ukraine, and I'm sorta interested what Golden Dawn is doing.
I might try to work on a programming project sometimes during the weekend, and get help from a teacher on Monday.
Maybe hang out with a girl I've been hanging out with lately. Would be nice.

I hope to keep busy.

File: 1397104432206.jpg (1.28 MB, 1999x1999, 1396858786540[1].jpg)

No. 1230004 [Reply]

it's FINALLY up
right now the map is a regular randomly generated one but I've played on pic related and it's pretty fucking cool. I made a 4chon faction so if you join, sound off
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IP: 4craft.us



I don't play assburger games. What do?


i have more assburgers than i can eat, want sum ? :^^^))


File: 1397293642817.jpg (45.44 KB, 1400x186, le_down_faece.jpg)

oh well


1. connect to mc.4craft.us
2. create login
3. bitch in chat until i see you and invite you to 4chon (put ! before messages to shout)
come play :3

File: 1397844419292.png (639.9 KB, 500x750, nAgg4u5.png)

No. 1231114 [Reply]

Can we have a fucking music thread right about now?

I'll start with some nice post hardcore

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPCMx8yS7c0 (Billy Talent - Try Honesty (Video) Radio Edit audio)
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File: 1397868901181.png (25.2 KB, 600x700, keep-calm-and-listen-to-laibac…)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zif_-IeWhOs (LAIBACH - UNDER THE IRON SKY [official video])


File: 1397870551886.png (607.86 KB, 499x750, 3MDdAKq.png)

more nice happy music, I should probably get a new bike

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTMrlHHVx8A (30 Seconds To Mars - Kings and Queens)


File: 1397870804159.jpg (127.85 KB, 990x990, banks.jpg)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ggyGVJDgwg&list=PLMNKY-lkB0HauBnZRP8wsN0KbXHx0_q1h&shuffle=47126 (Banks - In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel Cover))

Banks is like the epitome of sultry


File: 1397871787505.jpg (51.74 KB, 600x335, cat_car_chase.JPG)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blrHHRWKygw (Sniff 'n the tears - Driver's seat (full song H.Q.))

Love this song. inb4backtobeddad


What video was the image you posted from?
I think it was a music video, and the song was cool, but can't remember what ut was

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