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File: 1398308651148.jpg (125.63 KB, 1435x805, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 3193929 [Reply]

New BraveTheWorld anti-feminist video, goyim

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_f5gqROO2Zc (How Feminism Betrayed Women)


Feminists still like sexist mud people and even prefer them.


This non-news thread is left up but a bunch of my threads which were news articles get locked and moved. Then the mod even bans me for it!

Typical jewish mods.


File: 1398293068777.jpg (176.63 KB, 600x368, welfaremoms.jpg)

No. 3193763 [Reply]

Bill Cosby Bashes Negro Thugs and Black Welfare Moms: "We can't Blame the White People Any Longer"=



It's a shame that these type of comments are so rare from black celebrities. They're not doing their own people any favors by blaming whitey or remaining silent like almost all of them do.


File: 1398294971357.jpg (23.77 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGqlrVmVULc (Blacks are Screwed By no one else but Themselves)


what a fucking detriment to the lush black community he is


agent cosby is doing great

the white supremest conspiracy rolls along…

yes thrall, you can't blame whitey anymore.

File: 1398326881160.jpg (246.38 KB, 1024x615, article-2611168-1D4BAFFD000005…)

No. 3194066 [Reply]

'Google' Game of Thrones View: Interactive map reveals fantasy world in unprecedented detail - and helps avoid spoilers



not /new/ related



It is news!


Moved to >>>/ae/2712.

File: 1398327163308.jpg (140.23 KB, 1024x615, article-2611844-1D4F18D1000005…)

No. 3194068 [Reply]

No pregnant pause here! Jew Mila Kunis shows no sign of slowing down as she visits gym in Los Angeles



>as she visits goyim in Los Angeles

this is what I saw at first



Thread has been locked (and hence moved to >>>/lock/22293).

File: 1398306338506.jpg (383.4 KB, 2048x1347, National Action shoah on Mande…)

No. 3193901 [Reply]

National Action - South African Embassy Event

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjq7r6oeIHU (National Action - South African Embassy Event)
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>annoying audio whistle


Was that intentionally put in there? Are they purposefully trying to make people hate them?



They are making a deliberate break from the safe nationalism that has been tried and failed in Britain so many times before.

They are completely unapologetic and refuse to play a rigged game.


So they are going to go out of their way to make their videos as hard to stand as posible?

File: 1398326852919.jpg (209.08 KB, 1024x615, article-2611074-1D495F91000005…)

No. 3194064 [Reply]

Lion v Warthog: The stunning moment when a warthog steps into the path of a hungry lion (Spoiler alert: the lion wins)



Moved to >>>/lock/22292.

File: 1398324605864.jpg (49.36 KB, 650x365, 359774_Syria-Election.jpg)

No. 3194058 [Reply]

Assad support growing ahead of pres. election: Analyst


File: 1398278311765.jpg (59.13 KB, 1030x771, 1395040143806.jpg)

No. 3193561 [Reply]

Virginia Beach braces for another violent Black College Beach Week


The local media in Virginia Beach admits that the city is bracing for an annual weekend of violence. However, they censor who it is that brings the violence. The viewer is left completely in the dark about who comes to the event. The event is specifically intended for black college students.

Last year the black college event resulted in beatings, stabbings, and shootings. A total of 150 people were arrested.


What video is the picture from?

File: 1398292805141.jpg (125.36 KB, 1024x615, article-2610299-1D43BCFE000005…)

No. 3193760 [Reply]

White Professor Mercilessly Beaten by Non-White Thug Hired by Vengeful Student

Marc Magellan, a jazz and music history professor at Miami-Dade College, was beaten up leaving campus on April 15
He says he didn't recognize the assailant, but nothing was stolen leading him to believe someone with a grudge organized the hit
Mr Magellan returned to the classroom Monday after a week of recovery
He told MailOnline that everyone on campus has been 'exceptionally nice and supportive'
The attack is under investigation and security has been increased at the Kendall campus

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2610299/College-professor-brutally-beaten-campus-parking-garage-believes-vengeful-student-hired-attack-bad-grade.html#ixzz2zkgLtbxU
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File: 1398316393398.jpg (44.59 KB, 651x482, school day.jpg)

Professors are mostly cultural marxists, either jews or their lackeys.

History teachers lie. And he taught music history which means promoting degenerate music.



why we need guns on campus

*archives story*


File: 1398316591149.jpg (130.17 KB, 400x542, ENTARTETE-MUSIK-POSTER.jpg)


le funny reddit comic xD


I took a nice class on Jazz

My class on classical music was better though.

File: 1398123757554.jpg (123.71 KB, 500x281, CHUD-7.jpg)

No. 3192538 [Reply]

Eurobro ALERT
EUROBRO ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
White Horse Of The Apocalypse Confirmed!

Report: Ebola Suspected In Europe: "Broken Through All Containment Efforts"

TL;DR Niggers brought Ebola to Europe and it's spreading. Media blackout. THIS ARTICLE IS A MUST READ!!!!

>The outbreak of Ebola Virus in seven west African countries has broken through all containment efforts and is spreading like wildfire. According to Christian Relief groups working in Guinea and Liberia, the number of confirmed infections jumped 15% in just the last 24 hours.

>In addition, 40 illegal alien migrant workers from the outbreak area, who came ashore in Pisa, Italy, are showing signs of Ebola infection and are being isolated in Pisa Italy because of fever and "conjunctivitis" (bloody around the eyes).
According to the World Health Organization, this strain of Ebola is entirely new and although it is close to the Zaire strain, it is different, thus accounting for false-negative test results . . . . . for weeks!
>Italian officials deny the reports, but alternative media in the country suggests this is the reason for a complete lock down of a hospital in Pisa, where it is believed to have infected some 40 individuals. Other reports trickling in from various sources like social media indicate the virus may have also appeared about 50 miles from Pisa in Tuscany, Italy.

Get ready to shit your pants…
>Probability that Ebola will strike is:
>63% in Italy within 8 days
>44% in Spain within 15 days
>77% in Riyadh/Saudi within 21 days
>40% in Libya within 25 days
>29% in the US within 28 days
>37% in Egypt within 33 days

Nice knowing you, /new/smen.
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File: 1398281327010.jpg (111.39 KB, 800x870, dv-survivalist-detail.jpg)

It starts as a rare case of some unknown illness, usually in an obscure area of the world so as not to be immediately recognized by the local medicine man. Then the cases grow and the incidences increase to a noticeable level. Once medical doctors are called in, they find that the disease has spread so quickly among locals that there is an "outbreak" of this disease. Treatment begins, lab tests are completed, however many of the patients are already dying. The incidence of infection from the "outbreak" increases at such a rapid rate, physicians are unable to keep up with the infection. Traditional treatments do not seem to stem the rate of incidence. Soon the outbreak becomes an "epidemic". Laboratory tests reveal the worst. It is Ebola. If not stopped, the disease, with no cure, can cross borders within days, soon to become a Pandemic.



File: 1398281897124.jpg (103.41 KB, 288x499, 1348301741991.jpg)


File: 1398284003335.png (774.01 KB, 1024x585, Alex Jones Stupid 3.png)




Now that's some really good fear porn


File: 1398316488375.jpg (35.91 KB, 800x514, band camp.jpg)


Haha this!

Though Deus Ex 1 and 2 were designed, written, and headed by a jew.

No. 3193408 [Reply]

should drawn porn depicting minors be illegal?
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Whenever anyone posts something without a news link, a troll replies with "not news/politics/history" and it gets locked.

Like this wonderful thread I made:



That actually doesn't belong on here. That's basically blogging. The mod should have moved it to /r9k/.





File: 1398296928202.jpg (91.06 KB, 410x390, 1350493957999.jpg)

No. 3193836 [Reply]

>Justin Bieber apologized Wednesday to those he offended by visiting Japan's Yasukuni war shrine this week, saying he was misled to see it as only a place of prayer.
>The Shinto shrine in Tokyo honours 2.5 million war dead, including more than 1,000 war criminals, 14 of which are "Class A" war criminals. China and South Korea in particular see Yasukuni as a symbol of Japan's past militarism and see visits to it as a lack of understanding or remorse over wartime history.
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File: 1398309683051.jpg (5.96 KB, 161x250, 1358311722926s.jpg)


File: 1398309916664.png (159.34 KB, 350x454, Prtrt Germany - Gen. Erich Lud…)

>Your face when you realize that, had europe remained pagan, kikes would've never had a chance to become assimilated within society
>Your face when christianity literally destroyed the white race


File: 1398313979020.jpg (73.16 KB, 440x587, average japan guy.jpg)

All of the Allied soldiers were war criminals.

Where Germany only bombed military targets and during the day to make sure it was civilian, the Allieds would bomb civilian targets at night.

The USA also did tons of war crimes by essentially being at war without declaring it until Pearl Harbor.

The Japanese main flaw is refusing to attack Russia to help Germany.


"Where Germany only bombed military targets and during the day to make sure it was civilian, the Allieds would bomb civilian targets at night."

Shoudl read: during the day to make sure it was NOT civilian


This is wrong though. Pagans created the concept of multiculturalism and intergration and Jews were entrenched in pagan Rome. Jewish merchants followed Caesar's campaign for example. Pagan Europeans never specifically targetted Jews for being Jewish whereas Christians did and do.

File: 1398296398017.jpg (28.18 KB, 762x510, 6D12191F-CF0E-43C7-A44E-0A0254…)

No. 3193826 [Reply]


>Literally turning dirt to gold

good thing they are commies and the favorites of obama and his fellow voters, imagine if they were capitalist


The only thing it says about the Chinese is that they approved a test run in their filthy city, the idea came from the Dutch guy. Pretty clever too.


File: 1398315951487.jpg (66.6 KB, 614x461, golden-kancho-statue.jpg)

The smog hides the sight and smell of how the populace poops and pees in the city streets.

File: 1398310201151.jpg (22.52 KB, 604x339, tumblr_n11xw5PQ1l1rj5ogyo1_128…)

No. 3193947 [Reply]

'X-Men' Accuser Names 3 Others Involved in Pederast Ring

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) - The attorney for the man accusing "X-Men" director Bryan Singer of sexually abusing him as a teenager filed a lawsuit Monday naming three additional Hollywood executives allegedly a part of a sex ring.

Egan filed a separate lawsuit against Singer last week claiming the director of the forthcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past" forced him into sex during parties in California and Hawaii when he was 15-17 in the late 1990s.

His mother, Bonnie Mound, told reporters she filed complaints with the FBI but never heard back from investigators after one interview. She said she even sent certified letters to request a response but there was no follow-up from the agency.

In last week's news conference, Egan, who is now 31, alleged Singer and the others involved in the Hollywood sex ring gave young teens alcohol and drugs and promised them roles in television shows and movies.



i believe everything he says


good luck chemfag :(


File: 1398314171752.jpg (100.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Reminds me of

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ThvBNZdGcQ (How Frozen Should Have Ended)


Does it end with the red head getting the d from the red head prince to save the red heads?

File: 1398296154695.jpg (56.49 KB, 634x478, article-0-0D255A6300000578-493…)

No. 3193822 [Reply]


>A 48 yo Swedish woman has been arrested in Gran Canaria, Spain suspected of being the ring leader of a mafia-like organization engaged in human smuggling. Using fake passport to smuggle Syrians illegally to Europe. The false passports have been sold for up to 1,500 euros.

>According to the newspaper "Daily La Opinión de Tenerife", the woman is in the top tier of a smuggling organization that is described as "mafia-like". Daily La Opinión de Tenerife writes that Spanish police with the help of Interpol found two Swedish citizens included in the organization that has ties to Turkey.


>Swedish woman
>organization that has ties to Turkey
Why is Sweden denying their rich racial diversity?


How old is Barbara Lerner Spectre?

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